Why the internet sucks !

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2021-09-21 17:41:12

Hello everybody,

So all is in the title why the internet sucks now, well i remember of the good old days before the facebook/youtube era. its sure we had Msn messenger to chat, but i remember that i used to have all the phone numbers of all my friends and back than even if we had a different opinion we use to talk without any problem and respect each other opinions but now these days with internet peoples rather prefer to speak in your back instead of telling you what he disagre with you they keep talking in your back and peoples theses days are very fake i mean its easy to just take a picture just to show the most perfect picture of yourself but you know deeply that this persons just wanna show you only the good things about her, peoples theses days are faking their life through facebook its like becoming a competition about who got the best life throught picture, its soo fake and bad cause but we all know how this person hide every single things bad about herself.. its not just about the superficial aspect of facebook but peoples dont even speak to each others these days they dont even take the time to look around and say hi to the other person in front of them every one are now in their own buble everyone are independant and dont care about the people around they dont even salute their neighbor its like if we forgot how to talk to each others and let me tell something i lost soo many friends through facebook and i just wanna say that fuckbook took my friends away the world we are living is bad now i sometime wish i could return back in the 1990's just to live a normal life like before anyway i miss the old day's and i hate this new world ...